Curses! Foiled Again!

Hey remember how I did that post where I was all like, “No more not posting regularly!  Gone are the days of completely ignoring the upkeep of my own online presence.  Tomorrow is the start of a new era, a new dawn upon wh-*SLAM*”  And then that job I was working on got started up again and now I have time for little else.  So, check back in a couple o’ months folks, if I’m not dead. Sorry I suck at this!

Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to slip in an update or two in the meantime, but not bloody likely.

Oh and here’s some random drawing of a female gladiator I did years ago and decided I didn’t like her posture or whatever.  Thought about using it as t-shirt design but decided it could be better.  See?  That’s kind of new right? Oh, don’t give me that judgy look.



see you never again apparently

Darkseid and Granny Goodness

Here’s my own takes on Darkseid and Granny Goodness.

 darkseid, new gods, jack kirby, dc, comics

(rage mode)

darkseid, jack kirby, new gods, dc, comics

granny goodness, new gods, jack kirby, dc, comics

I’m not dead! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

What’s up internet?  What’s up non-existant crowd of followers?  What’s up random mannequins  that I have dressed up and named and talk to as if they were real people to foster my delusion that I’m not all alone I Am Legend-style out here in the bleak wastelands of the the internet? I know I haven’t posted anything in months but I swear on the beard of Zeus himself that it was not due to my own slothful nature! Ok, maybe some of this long gap between posts was due to my own slothful nature, but a vast majority of it was because I was completely tied up in a really cool character design job *applause*.  Too bad I can’t show it off because it’s all just a pitch right now and my employers don’t want to show off the goods till it’s done, which will not be for many months. *booooooooo*

Oh well, blah blah blah, here’s some quick sketches of Parks and Rec actors!  Just practicing more face drawings and testing out new brushes

 Treat yo self!

 Ron Swanson, is it any wonder this one came out the best?




Hooray I’m not dead!  See you guys in another six months! Just kidding! …I hope.

Bro-nan the Hanna-barbarian


A good friend o’ mine was lined up for a great job that was sadly far away from my current base of operations in Austin and I felt it would be a terrible shame if I didn’t send him off with an epic farewell.  So I resolved to depict him in the most epic fashion I could conceive, and ultimately ended up throwing in almost every thing I could think  he’d enjoy except probably beautiful naked women.   But hey, there’s plenty of muscular shirtless dudes, so that’s something right?

So in case your mind can’t comprehend what it is you’re beholding, basically it’s my friend, along side some impresive allies,

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Self Portrait: High Class Jowls Time


Sometimes it’s not enough to draw or paint yourself as you appear in the mirror.  Sometimes you gotta draw the real you, the inside you.  I know the world looks at me and sees a dashing rogue with a heroic physique with a shiny bare scalp the looks super tough like bruce willis and not at all like a sickly chemo patient, but deep down I’m an old-timey aristocrat from the early 1800s with some neck fat spilling over my high collar…

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Random facial sketches


Just some random sketches of different celebrity faces, generally done in an hour or less.

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The Female Furies: Complete!


I forget when or how, but one day I came across the lovely site project:rooftop . Basically it’s a site where artists can send in and display their alternative takes on various comic book heroes’ costumes, often with the intent being to not just come up with something different, but something better.  Needless to say, you’ll see a lot of cool new interpretations on familiar characters which is just the kind of thing I like, in the same way if I really like a song, I love listening to all the various remixes and covers of that song.

Anyways, soon I was filled with the desire to contribute to this fun project myself.  As you might imagine, you’ll find plenty of X-men and Batman related posts, but I wanted to do some characters, that to my knowledge, had not been done yet, or at least not often.  It wasn’t long before I settled on the Female Furies, or at least three of them. Continue Reading

Some sketches

Just a little deal I’m working on right now.  Eventually they’ll be colored but for now just working out the lines…

Grizzled Old Badasses: Al Swearengen



Greetings and behold!  My website is born anew like the fiery phoenix emerging from its own clunky and outdated ashes!  I hope that you will see new things in this sketch blog on a regular basis because that will mean I’m actually being diligent and spending time making art instead of researching various sources of potential inspiration*  This is the first time I’ve used WordPress so there may be a few technical hiccups along the way as I learn the ropes and get things set up properly, but enough about that. It is time to rock. Thunder. Thunder! Thunder Cats! HOOOOOOOOOLET”SDRAWSTUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFANDGETREADYTORUMMMM-MMMMBLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!!


*(playing videogames all day)